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Color Removal


Waste Water Color Remover Agent


CR – 115 Water Decoloring Agent


High-Colority Wastewater Treatment

Our waste water color remover- CR – 115 WATER DECOLORING AGENT is highly efficient decoloring flocculant(HEDF) applied in the treatment of effluent from dyestuff printing and dyeing works is discussed in this paper.The application results of HEDF in laboratories and industrial production are introduced. The COD removal rate of it is 50%~90% and the chromaticity removal rate is 80%~99.9%.

CR – 115 Water Decoloring Agent Application Field:


  1. It is mainly used for color removal treatment for high-colority waste water from dyestuffs plants.
  2. It is suitable to treat waste water with activated, acidic and disperse dyestuffs.
  3. It can also be used to treat waste water from textile industry and dye houses, pigment industry, printing ink industry and paper industry.
  4. It also can be used in the production process of paper & pulp as retention agent.


CR – 115 Water Decoloring Agent Spe


1. Appearance: Light-color, sticky liquid
2. Viscosity: 50-250 M PA. S (20 degree celsius )
3. Solid Content: >50%
4. Ph,30% Solution: 3-5
5. Specific Gravity: 1.2-1.3 (25 degree celsius)



CR – 115 Water Decoloring Agent Application methods:

  1. Make solution of CR – 115, mix with 40 times water to have 2.5% solution for use.
  2. Make PAC solution, 1-3% Al2O3
  3. Have solution of anionic Polyelectrolyte, 0.1%.
  4. Have effluent, test pH value, adjust pH value to 8-9.(It is very important, higher or lower pH, CR – 115 works not well)
  5. Add PAC solution, mix with effluent completely. about 1-3 minutes
  6. Add CR – 115 solution, mix with effluent completely, about 5-10 minutes
  7. Add small content of anionic polyelectrolyte solution, mix slowly to have big floc.
  8. Sedimentation
  9. Check color for treated effluent
  10. Adjust dosage of CR – 115 and PAC to do more test to have better testing result.


Packaging & Shipping

CR – 115 Water Decoloring Agent Storage:

Can be stored at room temperature, cannot be placed in the sun, within a temperature range of 10 – 30°C .

CR – 115 Water Decoloring Agent Packing:

50kg/plastic drum, 250kg/plastic drum and 1,250kg/plastic drum