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SWS Sanitizer Tunnel

SWS Senitizer Tunnel

STRUCTURE: The structure will be in 40mmx25mm aluminum Square Pipe and for horizontal and vertical support 40mmx25mm/MS Rectangular Pipe

PANELLING: Color coated aluminum composite panel

ROOF: Zolor coated aluminum composite panel


DOOR: Not Required as only open space for Entry and Exit

Entrance/Exit: PVC Curtain Strips



TOTAL WEIGHT: 35-40 KG Approx. for 4x4x7

PLUMBING: RO WATER PURIFIER FLEXIBLE Pipe provision with nozzles inside the tunnel to provide aroper misting

DISINFECTANT SYSTEM: The humidifier converts the disinfectant into fine mist and releases it inside the tunnel thus by reducing the chances of cross-contamination as significant amount of pathogens will be made ineffective from the surface, once you pass through the tunnel.

Technical Specification :

Disinfection Capacity/H 5-6 LTR/Hr.
Rated Voltage 140V-290VAC/47-53HZ
Max Power 800mA
Control Method Auto/Manual
Evaporation Capacity 5 LTR
Water Shortage Protection Yes
Size Of Cabin (H x W x L) 915 x 915 x 2130 mm
(3Feet x 3Feet x 7Feet)
1220 x 1220 x 2286 mm
(4Feet x 4Feet x 7Feet)